I know some of you are wondering what the kids are learning being that I haven’t posted. Today we continued home economics by going grocery shopping. 🙂

Seriously, we have had a small lull as I have had to get a few thing together and we have been moving at a snail’s pace. I had to provide an incentive for dd to finish the Bob books and that is working. Why a 4 1/2 yo wants an umbrella is beyond me but if that is what takes to finish all 12 books than an umbrella it is. Ds wants an incentive but he is 3 so it is more of I want to be like her and get something, I told him I would think about it (that will buy me about 3 days).

MSNBC has an article about homeschooling during high school. It actually was pretty positive even with the social questions as if being social is the prime reason for high school. Quick, painless read for those that are there and those of us that are light years from there.