This morning we read Brian’s Bird by Patricia A. Davis. A delightful book about a young boy that is blind and receives a parakeet for his birthday. I had the kids close their eyes for the reading of the book and then narrate back what they heard which was interesting because they realized that not being able to see the pictures that they really had to listen. Afterwards, with eyes closed, I led them to various objects in the house and they had to feel them and tell me what they were. Ds was trying to peek the entire time, but dd did quite well. Ds concluded that he does like to see and he hopes God never takes his eyes (Brian could see some when he was 4-5 but then lost his sight completely). I am going to try to do a project with the Braille alphabet but this weekend is looking a bit crazy but I am going to try if not we may have to check this one out again. A good read.

We also read From Me to You by Anthony France. A rat receives an anonymous letter that serves as a spark for him to get out of his ‘bathrobe blues’ and he sets off to find out who wrote the letter and along the way realizes that he has neglected his friends and is being selfish as he seeks the author of the letter. He also encounters his friend Bat that is also having the bathrobe blues and he encourages him the same way he was encouraged via a letter. In the midst of expecting friendship you have to show yourself friendly (can’t recall the Scripture reference). This book served more as a reminder to me than the kids. 🙂

DD did great with her addition facts and her copywork is looking good. We did the next 5 lessons in the McGuffey reader and ds and I started short vowel e words.

We still need to do 2 chapters of the Charlotte’s Web audio book if we are ever going to watch the movie.