Since college, I have been a fan of used book stores primarily because I was on a budget and I loved to read and also I think I like to ‘have’ things on hand…just-in-case but more on my shopping issues later. 🙂

Today was the local library book sale and I went to check it out without the dc and I am in love….I spent $16.50 and came home with some great finds:

1) Paradise Lost and Other Poems and a book of Walt Whitman poems
2) book of Shakespeare
3) Gone With the Wind
4) Ton of great readers for the kids even a book explaining the end of Dinosaurs according to the Bible
5) Kingfisher Children’s Encylopedia
6) Anne Gable (3 in 1)
7) Animal Farm and Plato’s Republic (didn’t keep my high school and college copies)
8) Children’s World Atlas
9) 2 great math related readers for the kids that the library didn’t even have in its collection (God is so good!!)
10) about 5 Magic School Bus books
11) 3 Dr. Seuss books
12) Anne Frank
13) Rhyming Bible and Bedtime Bible stories
14) more than I can remember right now!!!

All children’s books and children related books were $.25 yes even the big encyclopedia was a quarter. Adult books were $.50 so I was and still am a very happy camper right now.